Execute stretch-band and SPT routines in accordance with your training plans (if you have one).

Please dedicate a minimum of 15-minutes per day to visualization drills. (See yourself, dressed as you are, shooting the equipment you have, executing perfect form, watching the arrow travel down the shooting lane and into the center of your target…). As Coach Chris says, “taste the apple.”  You should, in your mind, feel the wind on your face and your muscles moving.

For those of you without a formal training plan.. our annual Group Goal Setting Class will be popping up in the calendar soon.  We’ll also be publishing the 1:1 schedule to review individual goals and map training trajectories.
Be on the watch for updates on this to be released soon.

Now that the schedule for USAT and International events have been released and solidified, Chris and I will be putting those on the calendar here in the next couple or weeks.  Generally, we aim for the CO Outdoor Buckle series events to be tune-ups for USAT events, and this happening the week prior to traveling to FL, CA, AL, OH, and PA.

This year’s schedule, however, is going to make that a bit of a challenge.  FL and CA are very close together, as are AL and OH. Chris and I are just going to need to be creative and try to make things happen.

Expect some kind of an update on the Buckle Series next week.

Coach Jim